THE GOOD NEWS IS We are living longer.

But it sometimes seems that all we hear about are the challenges, the stories of decline, loneliness and hardships. No wonder we sometimes worry about getting older.

Now is the time to change this negative ageing narrative.

It is time to declare loudly that age is not a problem.

That there is so much to celebrate.

A greater sense of who we are and what is important to us.

A richer life perspective gained through lived experience.

A mature brain which explains why we are able to solve problems from a greater number of perspectives.

Yes, we may encounter challenges as we age but ageing is a vital asset not only for ourselves but also for societies collective financial and emotional wealth.

So we need action right now to change the negative narrative of ageing to a more truthful one.

And that is why we have created This Age Thing. A place for all of us to share stories, to be listened to, to take action and make tangible, positive changes.

Our goal is simple. To unite us as we age - building a strong and united community, This Age Thing will become a powerful voice, sounding board and world changer.

Together we can redesign a world to help us all live longer, healthier and happier.