This Age Thing is a community created by all of us, for all of us.


It has been seeded by the Design Age Institute but not owned by the Institute.


It is our community.

This Age Thing’s goal is simple. To unite us as we age. Because ageing is the one thing we all have in common.

It is a community where we can all come together to help redesign a world where we can all live longer, healthier and of course joyfully.

How do we get there? It is about joining forces. Industry, government, the media, citizens — old and young. And of course you.

By building a strong and united community, This Age Thing can become a powerful voice, sounding board and world changer. To raise the issues that affect us as we age and to do something about it.


This Age Thing is…

— The community to share the millions of positive stories about getting older.
— The community to share the stories that make us angry and to strive for justice           and equality as we age.
— The community where we are listened to, where our collective rich lived                       experience is valued.
— The community to co-create solutions that respond to the challenges and                   opportunities that age can bring.
— The community to enable us all to live longer, healthier and more joyfully lives,
— And the community to make real change.
— The community to help to end ageism.

So if you have a story to share which you think can inspire people to age with agency and with joy then join this community.

If you have a challenge which you want government or industry to take seriously, then join this community.

If you have an idea which you think will change the world, then join this community.
Let’s combine our collective voices and make the world better for all of us.

Through virtual and face to face events, gathering collective and lived experience research, we will together, influence the new products and services, places to live and work which will change all of our lives for the better.