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Ageing in a changing world

This Age Thing was set up in 2020 as a community of advocates for ageing well from across the age spectrum. After all, no matter our age, we are all ageing, and if we are lucky we will live to old age

Supported by Design Age Institute at the Royal College of Art, This Age Thing is inspired by the idea that good design, based on the experiences of real people, can help to radically transform the products, services and environments that will  help all of us to age not only healthier, but also happier.

Working with people, communities and organisations from across research, design, business and innovation, our aims include:


Better understanding individual and collective needs, interests and aspirations for later life.


Challenging the too often negative and ageist stereotypes of growing older.


Spotlighting diverse and inspiring stories of ageing well.


Championing better designed products, services and environments that can help all of us to age with more agency and joy.

What we do

Inspiring stories

We provide a platform for people & communities to share their stories of ageing well.


Change-making insights

We conduct research to develop the evidence base to take action and create meaningful change to how we live, work and play in our later years.

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Powerful partnerships

We build powerful partnerships between organisations, people, designers and businesses to help create the products, services and environments to enable everyone to live, work and socialise longer and more joyfully.


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Our Vision

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