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At This Age Thing we are all about challenging ageist stereotypes by sharing the diverse experiences of getting older, and we need your voice to make a change in how we talk about, represent and experience our later lives.

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Poll: Is it time to retire "the elderly"?

At This Age Thing, we often encounter references to “the elderly” being used to describe those in later life, despite the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of Older Persons rejecting the term  in favour of ‘older persons’ almost 30 years ago.

Like “the elderly”, many commonly used words to describe people in later life often carry negative associations and reinforce ageist stereotypes that can cause age-based discrimination including “pensioner”, “senior citizen” and even “retiree”.

Whatever your age is, tell us if you think it’s time to finally retire “the elderly”, and what words or phrases you would be better to describe later life.

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