Design Age Ideas: A New Report on Ageing Well

By This Age Thing

Design Age Institute at the Royal College of Art has released a new report which pieces together the puzzle of ageing well through the lens of design and innovation. The report highlights how exclusion from the design-process and the consumer market at large has a negative impact of the livelihoods of older people.

As consumers, users, and citizens, we are all either limited or enabled by design each day of our lives. Whether you are responsible for creating design or not, we all are impacted by how design does or does not respond to what we want and need. 

Broken down into four parts, the report outlines the nature of ageism in the UK, the impact of bad design on our wellbeing, the route to good design and how we can demand it.

The full report is available to download for free here,

A limited edition interactive print edition is also available for purchase for £29.95. To buy a copy please fill in this short form.


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