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Is it time to retire "the elderly"?

We often encounter “the elderly” being used to describe those in later life, despite the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of Older Persons rejecting the term in 1995. Is it time for a new term to describe our future selves? Have your say in our monthly poll.

What's My Age Again?

To design for age we must first define our age.  Explore how chronological age, biological age and psychological age intersect.

Read the story to learn more about how age can be defined.



What's my age again?

Are you an accidental ageist?

Take our quiz to find out how ageist you really are.

Q1 You're in the opticians and the salesperson calls the previous customer a ‘sweet old lady’. Do you:
Q2 When a woman and her adult son visit the dentist together, should the dentist address:
Q3. Your car is involved in an accident with an older driver. Do you think:
Q4. You are house hunting in a nice area with good schools. The houses are very large and many seem to be inhabited by older adults. Do you:
Q5. An older couple kiss and cuddle in a restaurant in public. Do you:

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2 responses to “Live surveys & polls”

  1. I would welcome hearing more about the work you do, how you influence policies and network with people who also have questions around ” Elderly” and their role in the society.

    I think there is a huge opportunity and benefits of intergenerational families and teams and more can be done to make it happen.

    • Hi Parul,

      Thank you for your comment! We share more information about our work and opportunities to get involved via our mailing list. You can subscribe in our footer below 🙂

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