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The petition responds to the findings in our recent report, ‘Designing the Everyday for a Less Frustrating Life’ with u3a and Design Age Institute, which revealed consumer packaging as overwhelmingly the most frustrating household item in need of redesign.

Attempts to reduce costs and increase the shelf-life and durability can make consumer packaging difficult and often practically impossible to safely open for those without full ability, undermining protections in the Equality Act and the British Standard on Inclusive Design.

Decades of campaigning has failed to elicit significant change in the design and manufacture of consumer packaging, and without a a mandatory minimum standard being introduced, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. By enforcing minimum standards, similar to building regulations, the UK Government can support better accessibility, sustainability and consumer choice.

Sign the petition and support the call for Government to work with Industry, Academia and the Design Sector to enforce minimum inclusive standards for product packaging, similar to those used for building regulations.

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