Talking chairs

By George Lee

“I would love a talking robot which was programmed to mum’s voices. It isn’t as good as a human, but there (would be) communication for mum when I’m not there. That would be amazing!”

Victoria Lee is a full-time carer. She looked after her mother, Val, 24/7 for several years after Val had a life changing fall. It was a moment that would change both their lives. We asked, “If you could have had anything you wanted to help you and your mum out, what would it be? And can design and technology help?”

In this film, Victoria allows her challenges and lived experience to help her imagine think about the technology and innovation that could have brought independence for both her and Val, and for the many thousands of people in
similar situations. With talking chairs, kind robots and having time for fun, as key ingredients in the mix, these rich insights provide vital insights which could inspire innovators to design things we really want and need when facing the challenges of ageing.

Can you share your thoughts and insights in response to this film? What ideas do you have?

In visual narratives, women over fifty are only present as mother-of-the-groom or mother-of-the-bride, wearing well-tailored suits and imposing hats.

Photography: © AN Other 2021

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