How Old Am I?

By Gigi Eligoloff

A children’s book has come along that manages to rejoice in one of the most maligned differences between us.

Our Second Sexual Revolution

By Fran Meininger

Sexual pleasure and intimacy are not reserved exclusively for the young. Fran Meininger shares why we all need to be part of changing the story on sex and ageing.

Rocking our screens when I’m 64

By Mel Bezalel

The BBC talent show, Rock Till We Drop, demonstrates that talent is ageless and that music is a brilliant example of what we have to gain by the inclusivity of older adults on our screens.

Growing into beauty

By Clélia Odette Rochat

Horrified by the portrayal of older women, photographer Clélia Odette Rochat began a project to challenge the prevailing visual narrative.

No time to waste

By Victoria Patrick

Join Design Age Institute on 9 November to explore how design can help tackle the challenges of a planet that is rapidly heating up and a population that is rapidly ageing.

Five ways to counter ageism

By Ashton Applewhite

Wondering where to start when it comes to challenging ageism? Internationally recognised expert Ashton Applewhite offers five ways to think differently and take that change out into the world.